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Kim Jensen

Hairstylist to the Rich & Famous

30+ years

Loves: Luke 1:37

For appt call: 512.635.7877

A note from Cameron

Darlene Lyda

Receptionist - Cameron's Momma

Loves: Being Lift's biggest cheerleader

For appt call: 512.943.8044

Jacey Shannon

Hair Artist

4+ years

Loves: Bare Minerals

For appt call: 512.876.5270

Laury Revia

Extension Queen 

10+ years

Loves: Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell

For appt call: 512.905.0070

I'm a wife, a mama and a decent cook. I love me some Jesus.

I have a wanderlust spirit, but I own a business and I am in the middle of raising two girls so the only place I find myself wondering is H-E-B and basketball courts all over Texas!

Sometimes when I'm lucky I wonder off to Warrantor and buy weird junk that I don't need but totally love. I love babies and puppies and almost anything that needs mothering.

I hate laundry and dishes and red lights. I hate waiting for anything really. If I could, I would paint everything in the world turquoise and pink. I love what I do every day and the people I get to do it with! I'm so glad you found us...Welcome to Lift!


Heather Reedy

Songbird Stylist

8+ years

Loves: Jesus and dry shampoo

For appt call: 512.948.6516

Cameron Amthor

Founder/Hair Junkie

For appt call: 512.943.8044