Laury Revia

Extension Queen 

​10+ years

Loves: Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell

For appt text: 512.905.0070

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Amy Ware

Lifted + Gifted Hair Stylist

Loves: psalm 37:4 + yoga

20+ years 

For Appt Call: 512.639.2421

          Kimberly Stobbe

 Hair Stylist/Mixologist

              19 YEARS

    Loves Sports & Outdoors

Book APPT text : 512.992.9203

Cameron Amthor

Founder/Hair Junkie

18 + years

For appt call: 512.943.8044

Kim Jensen


Hairstylist to the Rich & Famous

30+ years

For appt call: 512.635.7877

Ashly Bushen

hair stylist

boy mom 

Loves: confetti cupcakes 

For Appt Call: 512.920.7851

        Jodi Hatfield

        Hair Stylist

Artist, Mountain Biker

           23 YEARS

​Book TEXT 503.472.4089

                Klaira Hatfield

       Lash Technician/Stylist

                    3 Years

Foodie, Thrifter, Concert Junkie

        Book Appt. 602.721.4873

Jacey Shannon

Hair Artist

Loves: Bare Minerals

​7+ years

For appt text: 512.876.5270

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Rachel Pensiero 


30 + years

A servants heart

For Appt Text or Call: 210.823.5009